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#4: You figure out why you are training

running,night,sky,running in the ealry morning,road,street
running,night,sky,running in the ealry morning,road,street
Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski :Unsplash

Three months ago, I started running four to six days a week, and I’m still convincing my mind to do that every day in the morning for the long term. However, there’re a lot of excuses stopping me from working out early.

Saying that some things are stopping you from doing what you love or even that thing you hate is dangerous, but saying excuses are stopping you from doing something is the key to overcome those excuses.

The way you address problems or things you want to change in your life, like being overweight or having an unhealthy attitude, is the way you can face, solve those problems. …

You don’t know what you‘re missing

music,running, a women running while listening to music
music,running, a women running while listening to music
Photo by Filip Mroz : Unsplash

The first time I decided to run, I did my best to make everything an obstacle. I still remember how many excuses and barriers I put in front of me because I hated to go out there, I was a lazy person, and the idea of working out did not enter my mind.

So everything that did sound good for me was an excuse if even it was something like not having training shoes, this one didn’t really last, three days after making shoes as an excuse, I bought some sneakers.

However, on the same day after buying those sneakers, more excuses started popping to my head like the place where I’d have to exercise, the perfect time when I should exercise, plus making a Spotify playlist to listen to. …

What JavaScript can do more?

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Photo by Annie Spratt on: Unsplash.

I always wanted to tell people that JavaScript must be the only programming language that affects almost every human being in the world, even those who are not using the internet may encounter it, and soon you’ll be able to do everything in tech with this language.

The first time I’ve heard about JavaScript in 2014, I thought it was just a language to make your website do some animation, plus some stuff when you click a button.

After I have read and finished(sometimes I don’t finish books) my first programming book(Head First JavaScript), I gained enough knowledge to say that javascript is the core of web development because it can manipulate the client-side and the server-side with ease, even though it tends to be blocking sometimes while working in the browser(thread stuff). …

So I fall in the trap, the entitlement trap that weak believer falls into.

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Photo by: Jan de Keijzer on: Unsplash

Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.

Wallace Stevens

F inding the Faith, or God way was and still the hardest thing in the journey of being a believer because pretending that you are a believer is easy, it doesn’t take any try or looking or searching you could just follow what believer do when they try to say/do their prayers and officially you are a believer in eyes of your family, your friends and you neighbor.

Because what happened to me was. I was a 16 years old teenager doing his prayers, just because the environment and my family forced me to go to the mosque five times a day as a Muslim or doing my prayers five times every day at Home, I don’t know even how to describe what I was doing should I call it Fake Belief is it even the appropriate sentence !!! …

You might find your next target here.

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Photo by Perfecto Capucine on :Unsplash

Reading books about programming or software development has always been a daunting task for beginners because they chose online tutorials over books, But online tutorials and courses are practically doing well by teaching people how to start as fast as possible in programming.

I hated learning new technologies and programming languages by doing online tutorials because, in high school, I used to fall a part while watching some of them (courses,tutorials) at night.

But then, I realized that sometimes doing a tutorial may save a lot of time before doing interviews or learning an additional feature that you might use in your next React.js …

Finally it’s here.

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A Picture from: dailybeast.

I stopped watching tv-shows for a while, and that’s because I realized that I’ve got no time to do that, plus I’ve been watching a lot of tv-shows simultaneously in some periods of my life, the thing that took a lot of valuable time from me.

So I just started focusing on reading books and learning new things this year but when it comes to legendary tv-shows like “The Good Doctor” I couldn’t get off with looking everyday if ABC(The American Broadcasting Company ) dropped the fourth season, last week they dropped the first episode from season four and they are going to drop the second one in 9th November 2020. …

we keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things…

Iphone,Back of an Iphone,pieces,hardware,phone hardware
Iphone,Back of an Iphone,pieces,hardware,phone hardware
Photo by Jonny Caspari on:Unsplash

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Walt Disney

One of the most Questions that always pop into my head when I see some new chages in the Tech industry is: “how I could stay up to date with the number of new information, technologies, gadget, software, and hardware shipped every day to the market ?”.

No matter the field you are working on, being so ignorant with changes and things going around you, may lead you to lose your job(God forbid your company decided to use new technology) or even just the fact you are going to be the old guy in the room while talking about tech. …

The podcasts industry is going right now on the path of being a Multi-Billion Dollar industry.

The podcasts industry is going right now on the path of being a Multi-Billion Dollar industry like music did years ago, there are hundreds of platforms available to listen to podcasts including Spotify, Podcasts, Amazon Music, Sound Cloud, TuneIn Radio, and more.

Despite that growth, it’s still hard for some people to listen to podcasts or books, in case you are, I highly recommend peaking some podcasts based on the domain you are working on or based on things that inspire you and things that you feel passionate about, you won’t regret it.

On Spotify and Podcasts(an Apple app) there are all kinds of podcasts that you might like, podcasts about happiness, Tech, Sex, Anxiety, politic, other one’s related to business, education, motivation, and inspiration, for me I do listen to a podcast related to life lessons and Tech. …

An old thing becomes new if you detach it from …

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Photo by Darshan Gavali on :Unsplash

An old thing becomes new if you detach it from what usually surrounds it. “Robert Bresson”,

In our case becomes useful.

jQuery was considered or I guess still considered the greatest JavaScript library. and for the main the time it is the most popular one , with its famous slogan “Write Less, Do More”, it was like the superhero of JavaScript libraries among Backbone.js and Underscore.js …

Do not follow the hype behind Frameworks and Libraries.

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Photo by Matthias Koch on :Unsplash

In the first steps as a programmer , people really lose their way trying to find their passion and they keep asking themself a lot of questions like : what should I learn? maybe front-end web development, or maybe Cloud computing, Machine learning engineering is better for me ,nah back-end web development is the one chosen for me .

However when it comes to the most fascinating field “front-end web development” people really get glamorized by how everyone is talking about this field , how they say : you don’t need any mathematics ,there’s no complexity you just need some Html CSS & Javascript and you are ready for that up coming job “, plus the fact that it seems easy to learn and understand in the first glance. …

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